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I just went round to fly the Sim and was completely blown away. You climb into it and sit on the seats and instantly you feel like you are sitting in a Boeing 737.  It's amazing all your senses are so aware of what the plane is doing. The switching is fantastic and the layout is perfect, every dial and switch is lit up and the sense of it only being a simulator goes away and it instantly feels so real that you sit with butterflies hoping that you land perfectly and safely too. There was no lag or delay and I could not praise it more.

Chris Turner ,Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland


From the moment you step into the cockpit of the Boeing 737 and take your seat, you are transported to the world of an airline pilot. Kenneth has done an amazing job of rebuilding an original cockpit and integrating it with some very impressive software, the result leaves you not only totally blown away but also overwhelmed at the complexity of manually flying an aircraft of this type. This is no thrill ride, be prepared to concentrate from pre flight right up until you land, saying that I have ridden some of the biggest rides in the world and this beats them hands down. If you're like me, middle age and want a great birthday present, don't hesitate do it.

- Mark Knightley , Company Director , By Design Kitchens and Bathrooms,


I have just spend a whole day in this fantastic simulator and the day flue by, it really did! LOL What can I say but completely blown away! and that description does not do this simulator justice. What a great set up and so realistic you really think you are there flying the real Boeing 737. As a FSX flight simmer I found everything worked and having a fully working FMC was just great. Check out flying at night or dusk/dawn it looks fantastic. If you want to experience what airline pilots do 'day to day' then book and enjoy the experience. If you are an Home flight Simmer (FSX) Nut, like me, then go and put your skills into practice in the real thing! or as close to it as you can get, you will not be disappointed.

-Geoff Server,Director,The Handy Team,

Kenneth thank you for a brilliant day in your flight simulator. Last year I organized a day out for our members in a commercial flight close to Coventry and your 737 is better and more realistic to fly, also the welcome & relaxed friendly atmosphere made it a day I will remember for a long time .

Gordon Thorpe, CEO. Birmingham Virtual Airlines,

Thank you for giving me this great experience. I have to say the set up you have got is fantastic, very realistic and very well built. It goes to show how difficult it is to fly these aircraft,but I would suggest to anyone, give it a go. The advice and tuition you get is superb you will not be disappointed.

Steve Drewery ,

The first flight consisted of a short take-off and landing between Heathrow and Gatwick, and Ken assumed the role of instructor and guided us through each step with some well-timed taps on the shoulder and verbal directions. He also took care of the majority of pre-flight procedures so that the rookie pilot wasn’t burdened with worrying about fuel pumps and where the electrical power was coming from. The only part that was left to the copilot was the starting up of the engines. All of this was performed using real switches and instruments – absolutely no sign of a keyboard or mouse anywhere!

Thanks to a hefty subwoofer installed under the cockpit, I would defy anyone not to have a few hairs stand up on the back of their neck when they advance the throttles forward and feel the cockpit begin to vibrate and rattle. A very immersive experience!  

Even a total 737 novice should be able to get the aircraft up and down with Ken’s assistance from the jump seat, and anyone with a decent bit of flight sim experience is guaranteed to a superb time. By the end of our session we were able to start up the aircraft, pilot it through some very challenging terrain and approaches and shut it down after landing without any assistance."

Just Flight @

My mate Paul and I had the most marvelous time in your simulator. I cannot thank you enough Kenneth for your patience, humour and expertise in making our visit a truly memorable occasion. We are both flight sim. fans and thought "we can land a 737", but the reality was something else. We were blown away when we saw the cockpit and when you sit in it and see all the working knobs and switches, it is awesome ! And then flying through and over the mountains in Austria, a real adrenalin ride. If you want the thrill off your life without taking your clothes off, come and give this a go. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 
                                                                                                   Reg Bruce

Some Feedback from several other customers.
 Thank you for a great experience that you gave my son on Sunday. he loved it. I am personally very interested in the New venture you have with the Lynx. 4 February, 2016
Very friendly instructor, Kenneth. 16 January, 2016
My husband loved his experience better than he thought , thanks very much 03 January, 2016
Good1 fun/experience, but only offer 1 hour sessions as it is obvious that you need to upgrade once you are there 28 November, 2015
Thank you for a great experience 20 November, 2015
wonderful experience, can't wait for the helicopter sim! 20 November, 2015
Lovely item - shame I cannot work out how to use it! 29 October, 2015
Amazing experience. Really enjoyable. 16 October, 2015
thank you so much for a great expirence,we would like to back soon 09 October, 2015
Fantastic experience thank you. 24 September, 2015
Kenneth was both informative and helpful but had an easy sense of humour which helped a nervous novice! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience thanks. 05 August, 2015
Excellent session - never concentrated so hard in my life;a complete adrenaline rush, thanks! 25 July, 2015
Great experience and even better that is a local company will definitely hope to book another session soon
14 July, 2015
Warn people up front that parking is limited 05 July, 2015
Have been to several 'professional' flight simulators and Sim2do equipment compares very favorably, and much better value. Kenneth's coaching and enthusiasm were excellent. - Peter 05 July, 2015
Almost like flying an aircraft. 26 June, 2015
It was a wonderful experience and us ladies were buzzing after. We will be sharing our time in the cockpit especially terrorists taking us to Turkey 'lol' and crashing into the Eiffel Tower.Thank - You for a wonderful time and to Ken Thank- You for your calmness and patience. The only thing we all said, it would have been nice to know your name from the beginning. Many Thanks for a lovely time we will encourage others to do this experience may even come back ourselves. 14 June, 2015
Thank you for making my nephew's dream to pilot a plane come true. 05 June, 2015
Excellent experience which made for a memorable birthday - thank you! 02 May, 2015
Enjoyed our far east flight yesterday.....hope you have recovered!! Laurie really enjoyed the experience. Thank you........kind regards, Donna Wise 02 May, 2015
Thanks for a great new experience! 02 May, 2015
Highly recommend this to anyone who love airplanes!! 02 May, 2015
Just a big thanks, really enjoyed it. 28 March, 2015
Exceeded my expectations, thankyou. 27 March, 2015
Keep up the good work :) 24 March, 2015
Thanks for a great experience... We are recommending you to friends and family, and we may well be back ourselves. 10 March, 2015
Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff ... easy to find! 24 February, 2015
A great half hour - thanks very much! We would like to make a return visit - this could become addictive! 18 January, 2015
The chap was informative and fun which made the experience really interesting 18 January, 2015
The vouchers were Xmas presents for my wife & her friend, both mid-60s ladies. They were really enthusiastic about the experience when they returned from the simulator, but tired from the concentration required for just a 30 min "flight". I suspect father Xmas might bring me a similar trip next year - if not their attitude will make me think about buying a flight for myself. Graded A* I think... 11 January, 2015
I really enjoyed the experience and will be back to do it again soon. 29 December, 2014
Thanks for a great mornings flying,we will be back, 23 December, 2014
Thank you for explaining everything so comprehensively, thoroughly enjoyed it. 22 December, 2014
Thankyou for a great afternoon, great set up, thoroughly enjoyed it . 21 December, 2014
Thank you for a great time, something completely different which fulfilled our expectations. 15 December, 2014
Really immersive experience! 22 November, 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed the day, would definitely like to go back and have another journey 14 October, 2014

A totally brilliant experience made so much better by the staff and would recommend this to anyone ,far better than expected From the initial take-off through all the various manoeuvres, heights and directions to a (relatively) smooth landing this has to be the most enjoyable and exhilarating 'flight' I have ever had. No small thanks to my co-pilot Kenneth from Sim2do. Can thoroughly recommend. 01-Nov-15

Instructor was very good, made me feel very welcome and didn't make me feel uncomfortable or ill informed. I enjoyed the experience very much 28-Aug-15

Kenneth is a very warm and friendly person and really makes the experience top class. 22-Aug-15

very professional and fun. Very good with children too. 15-Jun-15

Great experience! The simulator's kitted out with parts from a previously functioning airliner so has that authentic feel. Needless to say I was terrible at flying, but the instructor helped me through it in humorous fashion ensuring I didn't crash. The hour flew by (no pun intended) 26-May-15

Might be useful for people to know that there is room for one spectator in the simulator to share the experience. 26-May-15

We had no idea what to expect but this was an amazing and realistic experience. We will do this again. 17-May-15

To sit on an actual flight deck looking at all the instruments something only a few get the chance to do very friendly and informative giving a real insight into flying 07-May-15

The whole experience was FANTASTIC. Insructor was brilliant from start to finish and, although I crashed a couple of times, you can still me Captain! Will frame my certificate! Well done everyone! 03-May-15

The friendly welcome,the real-life simulation - the whole experience was great fun 26-Apr-15

Flight from Stansted to London Heathrow, then from Heathrow to Southend 26-Apr-15

It was a gift, so no first-hand knowledge but I have been told that the whole experience was terrific. 21-Apr-15

Ken (the pilot) is a very nice helpful guy who talks you through everything and is extremely helpful. He knew l was just there for a bit of fun and he made it very enjoyable and amusing. I dont think ive concentrated so much in years, as much as i did whilst trying to land the plane. Thanks Ken. 14-Apr-15

Very sympathetic and charismatic owner of the facility, guiding novices through the experience easily and making the most of time there. Having received the time at Sim2do as a present I was impressed by the detail and realism of the simulator. I would love to try it again! 13-Apr-15

As this was a gift from my wife I had absolutely no idea what is was going to be. Briefing was excellent; enough information but not overpowering. Never flown an aircraft but felt closest I will ever get to doing it. Would recommend to other people and only reason I would not go again is that I will never fly an aircraft - but fantastic experience. 12-Apr-15

The experience was fantastic and Kenneth, my instructor gave me the opportunity to take control of the aircraft in such a way that I felt that I was in control. He gave great encouragement and took me through procedures very effectively and in such a way that I felt more confident as things progressed. I managed to take off and land the 737 three times during the session. Excellent. I will do it again. 30-Mar-15

Kenneth was very informative, patient and enthusiastic in showing how I could get the best experience out of the hour I booked. I had some flying experience but even if you don't Kenneth makes the experience well worth the effort. 18-Mar-15

Bought it as a gift but person who done it absolutely loved it. Apparently, it is very real and the owner is very passionate and knowledgeable. My friend enjoyed it so much he is recommending this experience to all of his friends. 17-Mar-15

The fact that it was a real aircraft cockpit in the simulator and a real piloting experience. 16-Mar-15

Kenneth, the instructor is a very experience pilot and is very friendly, making us feel welcome. My wife came with me expecting to sit outside the simulator, but he invited he in to sit in the crew seat behind, and included her in the experience. 09-Mar-15

Great stimulating experience. The simulator is constructed round an actual airplane cockpit from a retired Boeing 737. The graphics seen through the window were quite realistic, and when turning the aircraft you feel as if you are actually banking. Almost the whole hour was taken up with flying, with just a short briefing beforehand. I would love to do this again. 09-Mar-15

The whole experience from arrival to departure was warm and welcoming. Lovely hosts who accommodated our short notice request as we were leaving for Spain for 4 months and wanted to do this before we left 5 days later. The flight was very realistic, the instructions were clear and was followed by lots of coaching and hands - on flying. A must - do activity. 01-Mar-15

Excellent customer care Great attention to detail; made whole experience exciting and very, very interesting 16-Feb-15

This was bought as a gift but recipient thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish and had a wonderful hour in the simulator. He said everything was very professional and would like a return visit. 15-Feb-15

Excellent experience, my 14yr old son had a quality hour of flying. 08-Feb-15

The personal service , professionalism and attention to detail -- Would recommend this to anyone 02-Feb-15

Kenneth was great. He explained everything and was very patient. This was a superb experience and far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be revisiting. It also makes a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one. 23-Jan-15

Excellent experience, really makes you appreciate the job of a pilot. Great to see what a real cockpit looks like. 19-Jan-15

Thoroughly enjoyable and professional. Was pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of it. 12-Jan-15

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