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Sim2do was built and run by the Mockford family who have a history with flight and flight control.

Kenneth Mockford  Chief Pilot

Instrumentations Electro Mechanical Engineer (Nutty Professor) Impala Jet Electrical Engineer and Motion Simulator Designer and Builder of 737 Cockpit Simulator.

Ray Mockford

Ground Electronics Avionics for Mirage Fighter Jets.

Designed and built communication systems for Mirage Fighter Jets.

Designed and built systems for balancing Puma and Alouette III helicopters blades.

Enlisted Royal Air Force and served for a total of 13 years.
RAF No.1 Radio School at Locking in Somerset.
RAF Henlow 
RAF Masirah Oman
RAF Rhodesia

RAF Germany

Derf Mockford 

Ground Electronics U2 avionics

Enlisted for the Royal Air Force and served for a total of 16 years.
RAF No.1 Radio School at Locking in Somerset 
RAF West Drayton, the London Air Traffic Centre
RAF Akrotiri  Cyprus
UK and RAF Bampton Castle.

Patrick Mockford

Pilot Officer (Navigator), 207 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve.  During the Second World War Patrick served with the Royal Air Force. He trained in Canada and was posted as Pilot Officer (Navigator) 145353 in  207 Squadron, his younger brother also served with the Royal Air Force.

Patrick’s aircraft which was on its return flight when at 1:29 am, a German flak battery at Oddesund Bridge in north-western Denmark opened fire and hit the aircraft. The pilot, Kenneth Rees, attempted to land the aircraft in a shallow inlet off the North Sea known as Nissum Bredning, a hundred yards from Remmerstrand. The aircraft broke into three parts and caught fire. All on board died as a result of the incident.

Frederick Stanley Mockford  

In 1917 Wireless Officer Mockford was put in charge of training and installation of two-way radio telephones in all aircraft, No 141 Squadron.

He was the originator of the "Mayday" Distress call and early development of wireless services for civil aviation.