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Boeing 737-800 

    Formula 1 Race Car

       Lynx Helicopter
‘Good morning this is your Captain speaking’!

It might be a simulated world, but outside you’re just on the edge of the famous RAF Mildenhall, serving as a USAF base until 2020 and that’s where the expertise of this family-run flight sim in Suffolk comes in. All members of the team have many years experience behind them in the RAF, with roles such as ground electronics avionics engineer on Mirage fighter jets, and Impala jet electrical engineer. Indeed, after serving all over the world, it’s the highly skilled members of this Mockford family who put in more than 10,000 man hours to create their first Sim2do simulator, based on a ex British Airways/Pacific Airlines actual Boeing 737 cockpit. 

My father Ray Mockford was my inspiration to start this business. 

He passed away last year and his best friend was Teddy . When I was building the business and simulators they would both sit on a chair giving opinions on how I should do things and generally having a laugh. Now that my Dad is no longer with us his best friend has decided that he will spend his time with me. He still sits on a chair and looks quizzically at me when I am working on the simulators.  You may meet him when you come to fly and if he feels safe he may even join you on your flight.

                                          THE MOCKFORD's

Sim2do is built and run by the Mockford family who have a history with flight and flight control. 

                                    Kenneth Mockford SAAF

                                         Ray Mockford RAF

                                         Derf Mockford RAF

                                       Patrick Mockford RAF

                                       Standly Mockford RAF