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from £68 for a 60 minute experience

State of the Art  
Boeing 737 Simulator
Designed for pilots - Used by pilots

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About the Flight Simulator Experience
You are the pilot a fantastic Boeing 737-800. 
We believe in hands on "raw" flying we only use the autopilot as a last resort. 
We have a variety of experiences in a brand new state of the art simulator as used by the largest airline in the UK. 
This simulator was owned by the largest pilot training center in Europe and remained unused until it was purchased by Sim2do in 2015.
You will then have the opportunity to fly from any of the 24000 airports worldwide.
Sim2do uses the most up to date software from the leaders in the field of flight simulation.


My father Ray Mockford was my inspiration to start this business. 

He passed away last year and his best friend was Teddy . 

When I was building the business and simulators they would both sit on a chair giving opinions on how I should do things and generally having a laugh. Now that my Dad is no longer with us his best friend has decided that he will spend his time with me. 

He still sits on a chair and looks quizzically at me when I am working on the simulators.  You may meet him when you come to fly and if he feels safe he may even join you on your flight.